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Liandra Dahl, Liandra and simply Li are all my not so crafty porn pseudonyms I have used to inadequately sheild my identity on the sites,, and I’m keeping the names despite the fact I am no longer working, and would never work on those sites again. The sites are an interesting phenomenon in counter culture pornography, However, though they may have changed the exploitative images of women created for the pursuit of sexual arousal, they have sadly neglected these profemale progressions when it comes to the treatment and ethical practices towards the women who contribute.

About them has been written also in wikipedia but in fact Liandra Dahl became porn star and works self independent … . Details on her page and on her blog.

Not this all pictures originated from abbywinters but all was Liandra pictures

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Anya - she is also more skinny than Jemma!!! She is not only skinniest, she is anorectic … So most secretly - no bio, no description found on abbywinters page!

Jemma - most skinny by my view … only one posed - in 2007 - this same very secret… no pussy and armpit shaved!!

Jemma is looking as seductive as ever in her sexy nylons. Also under her blue dress Jemma is sporting her hot red bra and undies combo. Nice bush and armpit hair too, for those of you who like that sort of thing

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Naturally delicious Nikki is channelling pin up siren today with some smouldering looks thrown over her shoulder and some rather cheeky grins to entice! Her full round arse cheeks are really featured as she wiggles out of her hot pink cotton briefs and gives you a lovely peek at her wispy patch of pussy hair…

Gymnast Maho shows off some of her flexibility, with both her suit on and off. Maho has some extraordinary tattoos underneath that suit that I’m sure she’s very proud of. Dressing Room photos of Maho are included for another aspect of her personality.

Patricia B - masturbating - real orgasm !!!

Taking her top off to free her large, pert breasts for a once over, she rolls onto her side and digs her fingers between the hairy lips of her pussy and rubs, rubs, rubs until a blissful orgasm sweeps over her.